How to decide on an EVA to hire

Are you ready to hire an EVA to assist with all the ‘to-do’s’ that’s keeping you from doing the important things? Congrats! You’ve just made a wise business decision. 

Now all you have to do is choose the EVA you want to hire – but how?
Here are some tips on choosing the EVA you need:
1. Determine your Budget
Take a look at your numbers and decide on t how much you are willing to devote towards hiring a best virtual assistant services
2. Skillset & Experience
Think about the tasks you need done and if your EVA will need specific skills to be able to perform them. For example you may need someone who is able to work on Adobe Creative Suite or Pastel. 
Also determine if you need someone with years’ experience or if a junior EVA will do. This might be determined by the difficulty or speciality of the tasks you need done, and how fast you need them done.
Don’t be afraid to use our search function on the website. You can browse and search without any commitment. When browsing you can search by entering a job title, skill or industry! 
3. Availability 
How urgently do you need the task done? Make sure you choose an EVA who is available to assist when you need them. If you do not mind when the task gets done, as long as it gets done then availability isn’t an issue for you. You can check the availability of every EVA on our website by clicking on the ‘Check Availability’ button on their profile. 
4. Vibe 
Every EVA has a profile that you can read, but if you are still not sure you can book half an hour with an EVA to chat and to determine if you ‘vibe’ with the EVA. There’s no strings attached when booking an EVA. Which means you can change your mind without breaking any contracts.
Bonus tip: Before booking your EVA, make sure you have your tasks prepared to make sure to not waste the EVA’s time and in effect, your money.
That’s it, you’re ready to go! But if you are still not sure or need any assistance making a decision, we have consultants ready to assist you! 
Please do not hesitate to contact The best remote staff.

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